There are several ways to find sales director jobs. You can use traditional sources such as the trade press or national newspapers, however these days the vast majority of director of sales jobs are no longer advertised in this way. Increasingly, these roles are advertised online.

Searching Individual Websites

Some firms still advertise their vacancies on their own websites under their jobs tab. Therefore, if there is a particular firm you want to work for visiting their website on a regular basis could bear fruit. Simply bookmark the relevant page, so that you can find, and visit, that page quickly.

However, this is not a very efficient way to find work. It means clicking through and visiting a list of websites in the hopes that a suitable vacancy will show up. If you restrict your job search to this approach, you could find yourself looking for work for months rather than just a week or two.

Using Sales Recruitment Agency Websites

A far more efficient way to do it is to visit the websites of recruitment agencies who specialise in filling sales roles. Firms know that these agencies can quickly find them the people they need to lead their sales teams. As a result, this is where most modern firms advertise their sales director jobs.

The best agency websites allow you to search by sector, position, location and salary. This means that you can find a list of roles that you are qualified for and that meet your needs in just a few minutes. Their databases of jobs are refreshed several times an hour, so you should be able to find a role that interests you quite quickly.

To simplify and speed up the process of finding sales director jobs, even more, consider signing up for email alerts. Also, consider adding your CV details to the databases of the biggest sales recruitment agencies. That way when suitable vacancies are available you will be notified. Early appliers stand a better chance of being noticed and getting an interview, so this approach can be a particularly effective way of finding a new job.



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