Are Retail Recruitment Agencies Effective?

Whether you are looking for new shop assistants, warehouse staff or shelf stackers you can use a retail recruitment agency to help you to find the people that you need. Doing so will save you both time and money.

Recruitment agencies streamline the posting process to the point where posting a job takes just a few minutes. The job is posted instantly, so will be potentially seen by job seekers almost immediately. This means that you can often begin to receive applications the same day you post your job.

Focusing on recruitment agencies that only advertise retail roles also speeds up the process. The majority of the people looking for work via these agencies will have already worked in the industry. This means they understand what is needed to work in retail. They have the right training and experience. If your role needs someone with food safety training, you will be able to ask for people who have already completed the courses and are qualified. A good percentage of the people looking for work via a retail recruitment agency will already hold many of the certifications you need.

Is Using Retail Recruitment Agencies Cost Effective?

In the past, finding people through an agency has worked out expensive. However, these days this is no longer the case. The vast majority of agencies now offer a range of ways for you to recruit via them. They charge a different rate for each service, so you can choose the one that offers the best value for money.

The simplest service allows you to post your job vacancies on their website. Usually the cost of doing so is very low. In most cases, it costs less to post a job with a retail recruitment agency than it does with just one newspaper or magazine. When you consider that your job advert will appear immediately and be seen by a pool of thousands of people who are actually qualified you can see the cost effectiveness of this approach. If you advertise in a print medium, you will have to wait for publication and your advert will be seen by a range of people. This also means that you will have to waste time dealing with applications from people without suitable qualifications.

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