Finding Reputable Car Dealers in Durham

If you are in the market for a new car, you should certainly consider buying a used car. In this tough economic climate, it is much better to save your money and minimize your costs as much as possible and used car dealers, Durham drivers will find, have such great deals on offer that they are perfect for saving large amount  of money. Of course, it is vital that buyers only deal with reliable, honest, registered used car dealers who have a steady history of providing high quality cars, or they may not get the absolute best deals possible. The following tips may help buyers to determine who these dealers are:

Ask for Recommendations

The best thing you can do when looking for reputable car dealers in Durham is to ask friends, neighbours, family members and work colleagues, who have bought used cars in the recent past, for a recommendation. People who’ve had a bad experience are not shy in coming forward with every little niggle and those who have received excellent service will not have any problem in saying so, which means you should get an accurate picture of local used car dealers by doing this.


Most car dealers in Durham now have an online presence and this makes it extremely easy to compare and contrast the companies and their prices. Smart buyers should take some time to look through the websites of car dealerships which were highly recommended and compare the prices, so that they can get the best deals possible.

Research Used Cars

Before visiting car dealers, it would be prudent of Durham buyers to do a little reading up on used cars. If they can find out the market value of various makes and models and can find out the fuel economy offered by each vehicle, then they will be in a much better position to spot bargains at the dealers.

They will also be able to pinpoint the cars which are the best for their family and which will cost them the least in terms of running and insuring the vehicle.

Dow Storey are value car dealers who offer a number of affordable vehicles for sale. When it comes to reliable car dealers, Durham buyers will find them tough to beat.