Movie props are a massive industry, because of how much value they hold for the purchaser. These can be purchased by a collector, a director, or even a producer of a movie. This industry is very big in Australia, because of the many movies that have been set in the area. These popular movies include the Mad Max series, Kangaroo Jack, and more. If you are going to Australia and want to buy props, here are a few ways to accomplish your goal.

Movie Props


One of the best ways to look for movie props in any country is to go to a major city. When you are in Australia, you can visit cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. The reason why they are so good for finding movie props is that they have an ample amount of collectible stores.

Pawn shops and thrift stores are places where you can find hidden movie props. These movie props are going to be from movies already created, which means they are intended for collectors. Many people will miss out on this opportunity to find them because they aren’t willing to go all the way to Australia. If you can make the trip, you could find many pieces that will complete any movie prop collection.

Also, cities will have movie props for directors who are creating new movies. There are many stores that can create your movie props in Australia. This way, if you are shooting a film in Australia, you won’t have to worry about getting all the props shipped from another country. This will save time, money, and help a local business where you are shooting the movie.


If you are a serious collector of movie props then looking for people selling the items shouldn’t be a surprise. There are many other collectors in Australia who are just looking to make a profit. They have no intention of showing off their movie prop findings. However, these people are also very good at finding great props that others can’t. They know the local stores and make a living from selling these collectibles.

For a director or producer, there will be people to help you as well. Many times during a movie there is a need for an authentic cultural item. This is especially true if you are shooting in Australia, because you want to show their culture. Instead of trying to buy this prop from a local store, you should go to a local person. They will be able to help identify if the item you really need is authentic. Your film will end up impressing the locals and educate people all over the world.

There are many other ways to find movie props in such a big country as Australia. However, every search should start with the vibrant cities and the knowledgeable people. In fact, it may end up that you don’t have to use any methods beyond these two.