The Thrill of Live Theatre

When actors talk about the virtues of live theatre, they often describe the lure of the ‘thrill of live theatre’ over the rote routine of shooting TV shows and films. Once the rehearsal process is out of the way, the actors have time to develop their character even more, being able to find more and more light and shade to their creations, as opposed to simply trying to get each scene right a handful of times and then moving on.

None of us know when genius will strike, and trying to force inspiration is very similar to trying to go to the toilet when you do not need to – forcing it really is not good for you.

However, this means that theatre is also thrilling for the audience too. Getting to see the potential for genius (or the opposite – seeing those at the top of their craft work their way back from mistakes or problems) is what makes theatre a far superior medium to anything that is pre-recorded. Being there with them as they take their journey, watching them develop their characters all the time, is something that can be simply electrifying, and the reward of being there when true inspiration strikes is hard to beat.

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By choosing discount theatre tickets online, you may well find that it is possible to watch numerous shows on a regular basis and get to witness many true moments of inspiration. The thrill the actors get from the reactions of a live audience boosts any performance and, in turn, both the cast and audience are rewarded equally. So, why not look at just how cheap theatre tickets can be online and go and enjoy the thrill for yourself?

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