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Tips for Getting a Car Lease

A car lease can be a great option for you if you want to own a car on a flexible basis for a short term period. However, the process of finding a car lease can be a confusing and complicated one. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when getting a car lease which will make your life easier:

Always do your research in advance so that you know exactly what vehicle you are looking for and what price you should expect for it.

Don’t let the sales person tell you that price is not negotiable in a lease, as it almost always is. If you can lower the cost of the car you will lower your monthly lease payment so do your best to negotiate.

It is better to negotiate the overall price of the car rather than the monthly payments.

If you are trading in a vehicle for your car lease, you should have a good idea what your trade-in is worth when you arrive.

Find out who is the finance company behind the contract. A good car lease broker will tell you whose figures he is quoting you and what sort of service will be supplied by the finance company. If the broker does not tell you, you should beware because he might be trying to get you to order in advance so that he can then shop around and find the most commission, which might not be good for you.

Find out what the maintenance cover actually consists of, such as scheduled servicing, maintenance work, batteries, exhaust systems and tyres.

Take a close look at the contract for excess mileage charges so that you know when they are due and how they are calculated.

Don’t forget to ask about rebates, specials, incentives or other discounts which would reduce the overall cost of the car.

Play it cool. Don’t act like you are obviously in love with a car because you will love the upper hand in the negotiation.

These are just a few things to remember when getting a car lease. Good luck finding the right vehicle for you at the right price!

If you are looking for a car lease, here are some tips which will help you get the best deal possible on your vehicle.