If you fancy an active and fun holiday, an Explora Morocco holiday should definitely go to the top of your list. Because Morocco is on the Atlantic coast it is the perfect destination for surfing, wind surfing and kitesurfing. All of these sports are exhilarating and fun, but relatively easy to learn.

Explora Morocco Lessons

Explora Morocco specialise in teaching all three activities. They offer a range of lessons in each discipline, so that everyone, even complete beginners, can enjoy these sports.

All of the equipment you need is provided as part of the lesson. If you want to practice outside of the lessons, and have reached a sufficient proficiency level, they will quite happily hire you the equipment you need. They only use the best equipment available, so even experienced surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers normally do not bring their own equipment.

Group lessons are available, but the classes are not too big. This means that each person gets the attention they need to progress in their chosen activity. Private one on one lessons are available. For couples there are semi-private lessons. If you take group lessons, but feel you need a little extra help to master a specific technique all you have to do is to book yourself a private lesson.

Explora Morocco Day Trips

As well as offering standard lessons, Explora Morocco also organises trips to other surfing areas. For more experienced surfers this is great it gives them a chance to experience more of Morroco’s surfing destinations during their trip.

During the day you can enjoy surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing. In the evening, you can enjoy a meal out, the local nightlife or shopping. If you fancy a day away from the beach there is plenty to see and do in the area. Morocco is a unique country with a long history, so its culture is like nothing you have experienced elsewhere. Booking is easy; at exploramorocco.com you can book your accommodation and your lessons. Everything is explained on the website, however if you do have questions you can simply call the team on the number provided.


To find out more about our fantastic windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing holidays visit the Explora Morocco website.