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DVLA Phone Number

The DVLA phone number is a well-used one. Every day the DVLA help thousands of people to deal with car and vehicle related matters. They deal with private individuals enquiring about their cars, road tax and driving licences as well as businesses with similar enquires. As a result, they get pretty busy and offer a number of different numbers for you to call them on.

Why Use the DVLA Phone Number

The DVLA offers a huge range of services many of which you can, in theory, access via their website. However, the DVLA realise that not everyone has access to the internet or can easily find their way around an internet site. As a result, they take the trouble to offer their services over the telephone as well as on-line. By speaking to an advisor over the phone, you can ask supplementary questions and resolve your problem far quicker than you could otherwise do.

The Best Way to Find the Right DVLA Phone Number

If you want to you can look the DVLA contact number up and call the office nearest to your geographical location. Calls made this way are usually charged at the national rate.

However, a better way of finding the right DVLA number is to use a calls directory service. Using one of these services has several advantages over simply calling the first DVLA phone number you find.

By law, directory service companies have to tell you exactly how much it will cost you per minute to make your call via them. This means that you will never end up with a big charge on your phone bill you were not expecting. However, you need to be careful to find a directory service company who only charges 10p per minute; some companies charge £1+ a minute.

Another advantage is that, if you use the right provider, your call could be answered faster. This is because when you use these 08 numbers they will automatically hunt across locations and direct your call to the DVLA location with the least number of customers waiting in the queue. This saves you time and makes calling the DVLA phone number far easier.

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