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Creating Your Own Library

Those of us who love books often have big plans to turn one room or another into a library. Any bibliophile would no doubt give up a spare room or a study (or possibly even a child’s bedroom – yes you know which ones you are!) to be able to have the perfect library in their own home.

However, very few ever actually end up realising this dream, despite the fact it is relatively easy to do so.

There are many reasons why the task may at first glance appear far harder than it really is, but ultimately the biggest thing that gets in the way of many people’s plans is simply having the right bookshelves.

The best home library will have bookshelves that fill all the available space and that house each book perfectly. However, the majority of generic bookcases not only struggle to complement each other but are also usually totally inappropriate to make good use of space and to store books in a focussed and effective way.

For those who want to create an effective library, it is best to go online and use online wizards to create the book storage that is perfect for you. By using such an online tool, you can create bookcases that are the perfect size and shape of your room and that also have each individual shelf designed to house a very specific size of book.

Once you have the right storage for your books, all you will then need to do is to work out an order. Choose whether you wish to store your books alphabetically by author, by genre, by category or by a mixture of all of these.

Finally, make sure you have the right footstools to help you reach each and every book. By having just a small stool, you could make far more of all the available space that you have and create a library rather than just a room with a large bookshelf.