Even supercomputers take days to come up with a result for complicated scientific and engineering problems. On the flip side, if quantum computers become mainstream products, even the toughest of problems can be solved in a matter of hours.

Hence, if you are interested in having a career in quantum computing then you would need to seek assistance from learned A level physics tutor online and ask him or her to help you ace the following parts of physics:-


The first part of physics that needs to be dealt with by a student if he or she is interested in having a career in the field of quantum computing is decoherence.

Decoherence is the primary reason why quantum computers are still in their nascent or conceptual stage. Sure, some tech giants have successfully created their version of a quantum computer but it would take quite some time before you can run to a store and buy your very own quantum computer. So what exactly is decoherence?

Well, it is yet another branch of Physics that explains the unwanted interactions between a quantum computer and the environment around it. How does this affect the progress of quantum computers? Well, the concept quantum computers scientists have at their labs currently are huge. Why?

Well, the present generation of quantum computers is huge because scientists are using the size of the computer to reduce its interaction with its environment in a bid to get the desired results without any opposition from the said environment.


The overall progress of quantum computers can only progress at a rapid pace when the relations between every part of a quantum computer system will be explained using or rather observing the interactions between one qubit and the other.

These interactions are easily altered by incoming noise signals from the environment around the quantum computer. This phenomenon is called quantum entanglement and when you will have clear knowledge about this aspect of physics then who knows, one day, you might be able to assist your superiors by solving the problem.


Quantum computers cannot even exist (if it starts to exist) in the future if quantum computer scientists do not apply their knowledge about superposition. Why? Well, superposition is a part of physics that explains the ability of subatomic particles to exist in both states of ‘off’ and ‘on’ at the same time. How is this relevant to quantum computers?

Well, you see, traditional computers carry out computational operations using binary system. In simple words, traditional computers compute using either on or 1 and off or 0 states of their processor(s).

Quantum computers on the other hand will be using more than one state of their computational resources at any given unit of time, thus allowing it to carry out the lengthiest or the toughest of all computational operations in a matter of seconds!

In the end, you should never forget the fact that quantum computing is only easy for you to understand when you have clear concepts about the different aspects of physics mentioned in the above sections. Furthermore, your concepts will only be clear when you have access to quality tutors online which is why be sure to seek assistance from online tutoring companies that come highly recommended or at least have been in the sector for some time. This is the only way you can make sure that you will be getting access to learned individuals thus enabling you to keep your money and time from getting wasted!