Christmas cards that are truly personal

Christmas cards are getting a fresh new look and make over and it’s not the card designers who are leading the change, it’s the people who buy and send them. Shop bought cards can be a little dull. The same old tired selection of robins, carol singers and santas. People are crying out for something different. Something that’s more fun and personal.

Christmas is a great time of year to update friends and family with what has been going on during the last year. So why not send a card that features the family? Thanks to the Internet it’s easy to take pictures and photos and turn them into personalised Christmas cards. All it takes is a family photo and a little bit of creativity and imagination.

Photo Christmas cards mean that much more, especially to friends and relatives who are far away and rarely get to see the family. It’s so nice for them to get a Christmas update with a card that has a photo of the family as its central design.

Personalised Christmas cards are breathing new life into a concept that has gotten a little bit tired and predictable. For creative types it’s a change to get artistic and design their own cards. Perfect for anyone who feels they can do a better job of the card designers. And for people who aren’t quite as artistic there’s always photo Christmas cards to fall back on. Turning a photo into a card is easy thanks to sites like Card Town. They make the card creation process as simple as possible so anyone can do it.

So this year rather than simply shrugging the shoulders and giving in to the shop bought blandness on offer at the major card retailers, do something fun, creative and personal instead. It’ll really add something special to Christmas.



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