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Choose Vuba Supplies for professional flooring

Known as The Flooring People, Vuba Supplies are part of Vuba Flooring Ltd. With over 30 years’ experience under their belts, they’re a primary choice for flooring installation and supplies throughout the UK, and there are a number of reasons for this.

Choosing the right supplier

When selecting their ideal flooring arrangement, many customers have a list of specifications. In addition to a floor which is perfect for their individual use, they may make their choice based on the actual supplier, seeking a company with a strong reputation and longevity. This allows them the guarantee of quality within the products but also allows that should anything go wrong then they have a company who have stood the test of time for assistance.

It goes without saying that a company who have a long standing reputation themselves has only amassed such a reputation by offering a product with high quality guarantees.

Vuba Flooring

Operating under the umbrella of Vuba Group, the company has two main arms, the planning and fitting of industrial flooring and the supplies which enable the fitting, repair and maintenance on a more “do-it-yourself” basis.

Under their supplies element, Vuba stock and supply everything necessary to create protect and repair a variety of flooring choices from long lasting epoxy paints to paving joints, screeds and tiles as well as the tools which are required to fit and maintain the floor in question.

In addition to the fitting and supply of flooring solutions, Vuba also offer a self-installation range of products for those customers who have the skills and time to fit their own floor but require the tools, materials and assistance to allow the best possible quality, finish and durability.

Of course, any company which specialises in one area of building supplies, often has further branches to their business and to this end, Vuba supplies are also able to direct customers to a quality range of products for the establishment, maintenance and repair of roofs and walls.



Vuba Supplies are the UK’s foremost specialist in commercial floor design. To find the solution to your requirements, contact them today.