Competition is going hard and tough in the market of smart phones. Many brands are launching their new products in every month, basically focusing on its look, design, features and specs, which certainly needs to be upgraded in accordance to users demand. But is this safe for the users to launch in every month? The brand certainly requires focusing on its business strategy of profit and loss.

HTC One M10

Even on the market demand, user’s requirement and business turnover. Obviously this has to be maintained but not at the cost of the users inconveniency. The inconveniency for the users is, when the top brands of mobile phones launch their new product in every month with spectacular and advanced features, the users certainly get distracted and long to own one of those. This definitely gets their budget affected and those who have recently got a smart phone before a new one is launched they get disappointed saying- “if I would have waited for a bit more time up till the launch of new model then I even would have got the new upgraded model with much more variations in design and features.” It’s a normal strategy for any of the users to think so.

Upcoming model from HTC One

Among the higher, renowned and authentic brands, HTC One holds a different strategy of business which is certainly effective for its users. It launches its valuable products of smart phones once in a year, defining it from the year of 2013. Inaugurating the M-series smart phone, HTC One has released M7, M8 and M9 periodically from 2013 to 2015 periodically in the month of March. The latest model is HTC One M10 included in the M-series. This HTC One M10 will be launching in the year 2016 in the month of February-March. HTC One M10 model, which has not yet released is streaming on the web with various rumors. The rumors define HTC One M10 models feature and specs, which are certainly baseless. The brand has not officially announced the related features and specs regarding its upcoming model. The freaking fans, expecting the device to be efficient enough to fulfill their need, have spread the rumors on. Because of these rumors some users get distracted for the expectations arises regarding the new device which is yet to be launched.

Some rumors that are streaming on the web about HTC One M10:

  • The device is enabled with solar charging facility, which makes it wireless and instant charging enabled.
  • HTC One M10 is enabled with powerful processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core.
  • HTC One M10 is provided Sapphire screen, which makes it resistant from any damage or breakage on both the sides.
  • HTC One M10 is the best option for clicking photos, videos, and video calls with high-enhanced camera, rear of 27 MP and front of 10MP.
  • Battery with long life enhanced with 3400 mAh.
  • For safe and security purpose, eye sensor is provided.
  • Inbuilt memory with 3 variations i.e. 16, 32 and 64GB.
  • Expandable memory slots for micro SD cards of 128 GB.
  • And certain other specifications like compass, navigator and pedometer.