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Live the luxurious Life with a Bathroom TV

There are few things which are more luxurious than being able to watch your favourite TV show or movie, whilst you relax in a hot bubble bath. Having a bathroom TV is something that we would probably all love given the chance. It is a great for relaxing and having some me time after the stress and strain of work but a bathroom TV is out of the reach of most people, right?

Wrong, a bathroom TV is actually much more affordable than you might think and as they come in a range of sizes, it is perfectly possible to buy a small bathroom TV for very little – perfectly adequate for relaxing in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and Eastenders on the TV.

What is a Bathroom TV?

A Bathroom TV is basically a flat screen LCD TV which is made using waterproof and heat resistant materials. This means that it can be used in rooms where liquid and humidity are going to be present, without any danger and without interfering with the viewing experience. They can be built into the wall of the bathroom, or can be hung in some cases, allowing you to watch films and TV shows as you relax in a soothing bath.

Buying a Bathroom TV

If you can think of nothing more luxurious than watching Casablanca or Star Wars, in a hot bath covered in bubbles and surrounded by candlelight, then buying a bathroom TV is probably high on your list of things to do.

When buying a bathroom TV, you need to make absolutely sure that the TV you are buying is 100% waterproof and suitable for use in the bathroom area. It is usually a good idea to deal with a bathroom specialist as they will only ever sell you waterproof TVs which are suitable for use in wet areas. They will also have the specialist knowledge that you need to get the best advice when choosing a bathroom TV and will have the knowledge to install your bathroom TV without a hitch, so that you can enjoy all of the luxury of a bathroom TV with none of the hassle.



Bathroom TV is a specialist TV store, selling waterproof TVs for indoor and outdoor use. Visit them to find out more about buying a bathroom TV.