The costs that are associated with brand new cars lead to thousands of people looking used cars Inverness every year. Second hand cars can represent excellent value for money, and because cars tend to dip massively in value after a year on the road, you could find yourself acquiring a nearly-new vehicle at a knockdown price by shopping around. However, many drivers have had their fingers burned in the past when buying used cars, so there are always important things to consider in order to ensure that a successful purchase can be made.

Take your time

Many drivers have been known to hand over the cash for a second hand car before discovering faults not long after. Drivers generally have more rights when they buy from a dealership than they do when they buy from a private seller. Nonetheless, many drivers have complained about the vehicle that they have acquired even after buying from a dealership. Some dealerships have claimed that many drivers tend to have unrealistic expectations about the quality of a second hand car. If you’re paying a surprisingly low price for a car, it stands to reason that it may be in a less than perfect condition. In any case, there are various checks that you can make before you agree into a purchase. These include taking a good long look at the car in daylight. Inexperienced buyers are regularly advised to take someone with them if they are unsure about what to look out for.

What the law says

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 states that a car has to be of acceptable quality or sold as described if it is bought from a dealer. Any defects need to be pointed out by dealers at the point of a sale. If they are not, the consumer is entitled to a refund, replacement or repair within six months of the deal being made. Once this period has elapsed, it’s up to the consumer to prove that the relevant details were omitted when the purchase was made. However, if you take care and do your research, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to purchase affordable, good quality used cars Inverness.

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