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A to Z Safe Warehouse Safes

A to Z Safe Warehouse safes cover all kinds of environments where you need to protect possessions, from public places like hotels and offices, to home settings where security measures should only be needed in the event of an intrusion. Our safes can be hidden from sight, either beneath the ground in the case of an underfloor safe, or behind a painting in the case of a wall safe. Hotel safes are often also hidden from sight by placing them inside the wardrobe of the room.


While you might think safes are only for the very rich, there’s no reason why this should be the case – and often those with fewer valuables have the greatest need to protect what they have. Our safes are affordable and easy to use, so whether you’re an individual with family heirlooms to secure, a small-business owner with sensitive documents and contracts to protect, or a property investor who needs sturdy key cabinets to keep your spare keys together in one safe place, A to Z Safe Warehouse’s range of safes should have something to suit your needs.


Fire Safes


Fire safes protect paperwork – not against spying competitors and disgruntled workers, but against the threat of being burned if the office sets alight. A to Z Safe Warehouse can provide fire safes that are tested and rated to maintain an inner temperature below 175 degrees Celsius for one hour or two hours, depending on your needs, and we often also carry 30-minute fire safes and other times in between the main one-hour and two-hour options.


Safe Manufacturers


Big-name safe manufacturers like Chubb, Churchill, SecureLine and EuroFox give you peace of mind that your valuable possessions are protected by equipment from a brand with a lengthy heritage of reliability against the most determined of intruders. And if you’re already familiar with equipment from any particular safe manufacturer, we may be able to provide you with a larger safe, or a like-for-like replacement, that operates in the way to which you have become accustomed.

A to Z Safe Warehouse safes help you to protect your most valuable items, whether they are jewellery, keys, guns or data, and can give hotel guests confidence in the security of their belongings when they leave them in their rooms.