If you’re looking for used cars Angus, it’s important to bear several factors in mind before you hand over your cash. Whilst the majority of private sellers should offer a reliable and transparent service, many people choose to buy old vehicles from dealerships as they are more protected legally by going about things this way. Many people have been burned after not taking care when buying old cars, and there are various immoral and illegal practices that can take place on the used car market.

Has the car been clocked?

One thing to look out for is evidence of clocking. As cars tend to lose their value the longer they have been on the road, sometimes less than scrupulous sellers have ‘clocked’ cars. ‘Clocking’ refers to the practice of tampering with the odometer in order to give off the impression that the car has been used less than it has in order to attract a higher value that it is worth in reality. There are certain things that you can look for in order to identify clocking. If a car looks more worn than the mileage would suggest that it should be, this may well raise suspicions. Meanwhile, if an old vehicle has been fitted with new pedals and gearsticks, this may well make be indicative of below-board practices being at play.

Cross-referencing information

You can also look at the documents that come with the vehicle to see if the mileage information on them is at odds with the mileage that is stated inside the vehicle. Some car buyers opt to pay a small fee for a car data check in order to put their minds at rest. If you remain suspicious after you have investigated the history of the car, it may be best to walk away. Despite all of this, by approaching used cars with caution you are less likely to get your fingers burned. Most dealerships are part of associations that they face being kicked out of if they are found to be engaging in bad practices. There are many reputable private sellers around, but generally it tends to be best to approach dealerships for used cars Angus.

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