Buying a Tailored Suit

If you wear a suit on a regular basis, it is well worth considering treating yourself to at least one tailored suit. They look fantastic and last, so are a good investment.

Do not be put off by the price because there are now several ways to buy a bespoke suit. As a result, the price of buying a tailored suit has fallen in the past few years rather than gone up. This makes them much more affordable than many people realise.

Using a Traditional Tailor

There are now two options for those looking for a tailored suit. The first option is to go to a traditional High Street tailor. Most traditional tailors are located in cities. Using a tailor like this requires two or three visits in person. On the first visit, you are measured and the tailor helps you to select a fabric and style of suit. They them make the suit up in a very rough form. At this point, most traditional tailors require the customer to come in for a fitting. The suit is finished following this fitting. A third visit is then needed to pick up the suit and check that it fits properly. Normally, it does, but occasionally further visits and fittings are needed.

Generally speaking the process of using a traditional tailor is quite time consuming. Unsurprisingly the cost of providing this service is quite high. It is a labour intensive process and the overheads of running a shop in a busy city are also high.

Using an Online Tailor

The second option is to use an online tailor. All measurements are taken by the customer with detailed instruction and support for doing so provided by the on-line tailor. The suit is produced from those measurements and sent to the client via courier or post.

This process is quick and because the tailor has far lower overheads, considerably cheaper. This is reflected in the final cost of the suit. It is the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to buy a fitted suit. The fact that the tailors who offer this service often have years of experience means that you get a good quality tailored suit for an amazingly low price.



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