Easy way to set up an offshore company

At times, you may need to set up an offshore company so as to expand your business. It seems to be a difficult task as you are not familiar with the new place and the relevant rules or strategies for setting up an offshore company. Consequently, you may be in a conflict on how to set up an offshore company. Some simple tips will help you out.

Selecting a location and deciding about the type of offshore company – First of all, you need to select a location and the type of company you wish to set up offshore. It is because you will need to set up a simple company in case you just wish to set it up for some simple tasks such as possessing a property at that place. On the other hand, you will be required to have an advanced company offshore if you are setting it up for some other high-level purpose such as a business.

Selecting a name for offshore company- You need to select a good name for your company which may readily reflect the purpose of its establishment. However, there are some restrictions in some countries regarding the use of some words so you must decide a name for your company accordingly. In addition to this, you also need to add a suffix such as ‘incorporated’, ‘Limited’, ‘Inc.’ at the end of the company name which should represent its limited legal responsibility.

Getting the offshore company registered with respective government- You also need to get your offshore company registered with the respective state government of that place. It is done by supplying the necessary documents to the officials such as an authorized copy of the passport and driver’s license, residence proof and information regarding prospective activities of the company.

Submitting an order form and making payment- Finally, you have to submit an order form in which you have to inform the concerned officers about the kind of shares to be issued, details of the Director, Company Secretary and shareholders for your company and banking options to be employed by your company. Following this, you need to make some payment to the government for setting up your company within their jurisdiction.

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