Finding a Special Tailor

Today, if you want a suit or something special you do not have much choice. There was a time when every small town had a tailor. Either they had a shop on the High Street or they worked from their own workshop in their home. They mostly made suits. Women had their clothes made too, but they did it themselves or when to a seamstress.

This all changed in the UK in the 1950s when some tailors, such as Burton’s, started to grow their businesses and do business in more than one town. They still offered a tailored service, but the basic cutting and initial sewing was done in factories on a grand scale. A tailor in each shop then finished off the suit. Next, they made off the peg suits. Men tried them on and the in shop tailor adjusted them if necessary. Eventually, they did away with the tailor and only offered an off the peg service.

Today’s Tailors

Off the peg suits were much cheaper, so tailors went out of business quickly. Today, a bespoke suit became something very specialist. They were never cheap, but today they are extremely expensive, so most tailored suits are out of the reach of the majority of consumers. Today, the few High Street tailors that exist are to be found in large towns or cities. Their clients are normally either rich or famous. However, slowly, but surely things are changing again. Tailors are back and are accessible to ordinary consumers.

Go Online to Find a Tailor

Today, you can find a tailor on the web. They produce genuinely bespoke suits, but do so at an affordable price. One of the best firms is Special Tailor.

Their service is accessible 24/7, and is very simple to use. Their customers just need to choose the fabrics, style and finish of their suit. The customer is the one who provides the measurements. There are quite a few of them to provide, but the process is explained in detail to make sure that the right measurements are taken. Using these extensive measurements the tailors can make a high quality, tailored suit that fits perfectly. The finished suit is delivered quickly to the client’s door.



To find out more about the Special Tailor service and buy your own bespoke suit visit their website.