Book Your Holidays to Turkey from and Visit the Turkish Riviera

If you have booked your holidays to Turkey from but are unsure of which region in the country to visit, we highly recommend looking into the Turkish Riviera. The Turkish Riviera, otherwise known as Antalaya, is located on the Mediterranean Coast and is one of the most spectacular areas in the whole country. It is very traditional unlike some of the main tourist resorts and there are some amazing historic sites, some of which date back to the 13th century, to see in the close vicinity.

Charming Atmosphere

The city of Antalaya is a thriving metropolis however the heart of the city is truly traditional and it is still possible to see the old city walls. Many of the old Ottoman mansions have been renovated in recent years and turned into boutique hotels – these are an ideal place to stay when in the city. Once you have arrived on your holidays to Turkey from you will be amazed by the charming atmosphere that is felt here. The narrow streets in the old town are completely pedestrianised and the cafes here make the perfect place to immerse yourself into the culture.

Mountain Scenery

The scenery in Antalaya is absolutely amazing. The city is set atop cliffs and mountains dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. Towards the east of the town is a long stretch of beach that is renowned in the area for its golden sands. This area has recently grown quite rapidly and some of the grandest hotels in the whole city can be found here – many of which offer ocean views to tourists arriving on their holidays to Turkey from

If a beach holiday doesn’t interest you too much, you could always opt to stay in the mountains themselves. The scenery up here is spectacular and if you visit during the winter months you could even have a go at skiing or snowboarding. The mountains are also home to some of the most incredible waterfalls that you could ever imagine so remember to take your camera along with you in order to capture every moment.

If you have booked your holidays to Turkey from but still haven’t made your mind up about where to visit you should definitely look into the Turkish Riviera.