Enjoy an Amazing Gastronomic Experience in Majorca

If you have been looking for an amazing destination to visit and want to experience a truly unique gastronomic experience you might want to look into – holidays Majorca. Majorca is an island located right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and as you would perhaps expect, the cuisine is similar to that of other Mediterranean countries. However here the foods from the surrounding countries are combined and the result is a truly varied diet that is sure to tickle the taste buds of even the fussiest foodie.

The Majorcan Diet

The Majorcan diet is incredibly varied and encompasses dishes from a wide range of countries including Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Greece. When you go on your – holidays Majorca you will find that most meals contain high percentages of fruit and vegetables and of course with Majorca being an island, fresh fish also plays a large part in the Majorcan diet. Very little red meat is consumed in Majorca, the main meat source here is pork, but don’t let this put you off – the dishes are absolutely delicious and you are sure to find something that you enjoy eating.

Popular Dishes

The most popular dishes in Majorca are soups. In fact when you go on your – holidays Majorca you will see that most restaurants offer a form of Majorcan soup for you to enjoy. Some eateries will serve soup that is similar to a watery broth however true Majorcan soup is thick and you may need to eat it using a fork. Fish, meat, vegetables and paprika are the main ingredients here, with fish soup being one of the local’s favourites.

Just as important as the soups are the desserts and Majorca has a lot for you to try. The ensaimada is a popular pastry; simply made from sugar, flour and animal fat it really will delight your senses. Another popular dessert is coca – this is similar to an English bun yet it can be filled with many sweet or savoury delights such as pumpkin, baked fruits, jam or even fish and is certain to be like nothing you have ever tasted before.

A unique taste of the Mediterranean is waiting for you if you choose to take – holidays Majorca and you should if you want to have a gastronomic experience that is truly exceptional.