Book Surfing holidays in Essaouira from Explora Morocco

If you are looking for an adventurous and active holiday, you could do a lot worse than book surfing holidays in Essaouira from Explora Morocco. They offer a huge array of adventure holidays in Morocco, but by far the most popular of them is the surfing in Essaouira.

What Essaouira Has to Offer

Essaouira is a beautiful place in its own right. It has a lovely beach and is a really relaxing place to take a holiday. However, there is still plenty to do at night. The area has some very good restaurants and the food in the area is exceptionally good. There is quite a variety of food to choose from including plenty of vegetable-based dishes, so vegetarians will have no problems finding something good to eat.

If you want to experience a different culture yet still have access to all the home comforts and a bit of luxury, Essaouira is for you. It is an ancient fortified town, so there is plenty to see in between surfing.

If you have never surfed before Essaouira is the ideal place to learn. The water is shallow, with a sandy bottom, so there is no need to worry about colliding with rocks if you fall off.

For the experienced surfer Essaouira is also perfect. Despite being relatively, shallow parts of the beach have some challenging breakers. If you want to try new forms of surfing, you can because the area is perfect for kite surfing. Depending on the wind conditions, you can experience flat surfing as well as wave surfing.

Why Book With Explora Morocco?

There are many reasons to book surfing holidays in Essaouira from Explora Morocco. However, the biggest reason is the fact that they know the area, so well. They know which areas are safe for beginners and offer classes for both novices and surfers that are more experienced. Every day the Explora Morocco team runs trips to Sidi Kaouki , The Cave and Moulay, where experienced surfers can enjoy challenging and exceptional surfing conditions in safety with the support of the team.


To book surfing holidays in Essaouira from Explora Morocco simply visit the Explora Morocco website.