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Control Systems are the Perfect Partner for New Technology

Engineering and manufacturing sectors tend to be late to almost every technological party there is, always waiting for others to test the water before they themselves get involved. However, this approach can cost industry a huge amount of money and can simply leave certain industries in a relative dark age, performing tasks that are not only inefficient, but in some cases also dangerous.

There are many ways in which new technology can interact seamlessly with the likes of SCADA systems, and many ways in which such an approach can reduce cost and speed up processes. One problem that many see with such an approach is the potential for security breaches, but this is completely dependent on what technology is used and who it used by.

For example, programs downloaded onto smart phones or tablets could easily allow managers to access reports instantly and to monitor any processes as and when they need to. This can help improve all industrial automation and allow those in charge to have far more control when working remotely.

Ultimately, the benefits can be numerous and crowded control rooms may well be a thing of the past, not only allowing far more remote working, but also allowing those in charge to be able to get far more done and not be confined to one space.

Industrial automation was once seen as something that could bring many issues, but in theory it has helped reduce cost and increase efficiency dramatically. For those who wait to utilise mobile devices with the likes of SCADA in industry, there is a good chance that money will be being thrown away needlessly and that the scope of what can be easily achieved is being limited considerably.

With the right IT security, so much more can be achieved simply by embracing newer technology as it evolves.

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