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Benefits of Karndean Flooring

The choice of flooring is an important factor within the refurbishment and renovation work carried out throughout all newly built and current existing residential properties. As it provides an essential layer above the ground foundations of a building, upon which furniture and décor are placed, flooring conforms part of the first stages of new home installation. In accordance with aesthetical requirements, flooring must also accompany the choice of interior design features that are based on personal taste and personality.

While carpet remains the traditional form of floor fittings, homeowners may look to alternative products that are not only versatile, but also practical and carry visual qualities. Through its perfect replication of natural wood, amongst many other benefits which can be utilised within the household or workplace, karndean flooring perfectly fits the bill.

An economic downturn has placed greater importance on homeowners purchasing floor fittings that are not only practical, but also durable and can stand the test of time. The number of people walking across a floor, in addition to gradual build-up of dust and dirt, requires flooring within any room that can be considered a long-term investment rather than a costly expenditure. As karndean floors are manufactured from a sturdy, long lasting form of vinyl, it guarantees durability and longevity.

Through the ease in which it can be installed within any household or workplace room, whether it is the kitchen and bathroom or office and showroom, karndean flooring is ultimately versatile. Its textured surface also allows homeowners to carry out less maintenance work to remove any dirt and retain the floor’s pristine look.

Although it is not precisely made from natural timber, karndean floors resemble its appearance. This can help to create a rustic look within a room which can be perfectly integrated with wooden furniture and work units. The natural characteristic of wood can bring any room to light as its gradients and colour tones emphasise the visual outlook of any room to promote its characteristics. Its resistance to moisture can be utilised within a kitchen and bathroom area where water can frequently spill onto the floor from a bath, shower or sink.

Unlike other forms of flooring, such as carpet and real wood, karndean can not only be easily cleaned, but also allay any concerns over build-ups of bacteria and dirt. Its non-porous material prevents any build-up of elements which may affect the environment within a room, thus allowing people to live or work in complete comfort.

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