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Responsible owners shop for food at the pet shop

Any responsible pet owner needs to give due thought and consideration to the diet of their furry friend. It’s one of the cornerstones of giving them a happy and healthy life. It can be tempting to shop at the supermarket for pet foods. It’s cheap after all, but there are drawbacks. The choice is limited and there’s no one on hand to help and advise. Each animal is different and owners might need some guidance getting their diet one hundred percent right.

That’s why it’s impossible to beat shopping at a dedicated pet store. Here customers can find unrivalled choice and the advice they need from specially trained staff. No one wants to take a chance with the diet of their pet. They want them to be happy and healthy and live long and fulfilling lives. It’s not just champion breeders who agonise over the best mix of foodstuffs for their animals.

There are so many different kinds of pet foods it can be hard to know where to start, but an easy way to narrow it down is to consider the breed and the age of the animal. Puppies and kittens are growing fast, so they need food that contains all the nutrition they need during this stage of life. Senior cats and dogs on the other hand might need extra supplements in their food to help keep their joints moving.

At the pet shop staff can help point owners in the right direction. Novice owners especially will be wondering what the best foods are for their new pets. The pet store is still great value, but shopping here is more than just about price. It’s about doing the right thing by any pet and making sure their diet is absolutely spot on. It’s the very least any responsible owner should do.

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