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Annuities At Age Partnership

Your retirement should be a stress free time, when you are able to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime’s labour. You can use the time to spend with family, go on holiday, or to sit back and relax while enjoying your favourite pastime or hobby. You can receive free and impartial advice on your annuities at Age Partnership. You only have one opportunity to buy an annuity deal so you must ensure that you make the right choice first time or face a retirement with a lower income than you would have hoped for.


Throughout our working lives, or at least a portion of it, we save towards our pension. This money is usually saved with a financial institution and is typically invested to try and help increase the amount of money that you have when you reach retirement age. Once you do reach retirement age you will then have a number of options available to you.


Advice on annuities at Age Partnership can help determine whether you are in a position to take a lump sum as well as buy an annuity package. Professional advisers are on hand to discuss all of your options, find you the best deals, and provide you with the level of retirement income that you desire. While we typically think of a lifetime annuity as being the only choice, there are actually a number of factors to consider and products to choose from.


The help provided for choosing annuities at Age Partnership doesn’t end with finding the best deal either. Once you have the annuity that you wish to embark on you will need to purchase that annuity using your pension savings. This means dealing with your pension savings and annuity companies to arrange for the purchase – Age Partnership will help by undertaking this role on your behalf.


If you are nearing retirement age then it is time to think about finding the best annuity package available to you. Annuities at Age Partnership enable you to shop around for the best deal and to find the product that will keep you secure throughout your retirement, providing you with a regular income to do with as you please.


Annuities at Age Partnership enable you to compare deals from the biggest and most reliable names in pension annuities. We can help you determine best annuity deal, the most ideal package for you, and get the best prices.