Arranging Your Insurance With Lionheart Insurance

Lionheart Insurance is a specialist broker that deals primarily with motor related insurance policies. As well as providing a range of competitive prices for car and motorbike policies, you can find access to competitive quotes for convicted drivers, horsebox owners, HGV drivers, and for those that work within the motor trade. Whatever your insurance requirements, in fact, Lionheart Insurance can meet them and help ensure that you are protected.


HGV insurance is extremely important to HGV drivers and Lionheart Insurance can help arrange a single policy that is designed to protect the policy holder when driving any HGV or similar vehicle. A policy will protect you to drive any vehicle from a small goods vehicle right up to a 44 tonne commercial vehicle depending on the license you hold and the type of vehicles that you regularly drive. What’s more, you can even provide cargo coverage to customers and insure more than a single driver on one policy.


Specialist commercial vehicles, such as compressors or dumpers, require that you have specialist insurance in place. Your employer may provide this but not if you work freelance or run your own business that requires you to get behind the wheel of such a vehicle. Many other vehicles can also be included in your coverage so whether you spend your time in a fork lift truck or a site excavator you can enjoy complete insurance protection.


When you drive your horsebox you need to be sure that you are fully protected too. Whether you are the jockey, horse owner, or just the driver that ships horse and rider around, you need the appropriate level of insurance for the horsebox you drive. Horseboxes pose a specific threat while on the road and they carry livestock in the rear and this should be appropriately covered in your policy.


Lionheart Insurance specialises in providing specialist insurance policies to individuals and to businesses. From tarmac rollers to HGVs and horseboxes, they can find you the most competitive prices for your insurance needs so that you can be absolutely sure that you are fully covered whenever you need it.


Contact Lionheart Insurance for more details on our extensive range of specialist insurance policies or to have us provide a range of competitive quotes for your insurance needs.