An A – Z of personal injury claims

Most subjects and topics you can somewhere find an A-Z for, so here is one for personal injury claims.

Accidents – The start of the alphabet and the start of all injury claims.

Building site accidents –Serious accidents happen every day on building sites, they are one of the most dangerous places to work.

Claim  – The requesting of compensation, we have to claim because it will not be offered.

Drivers – Their lack of concentration is often the cause of an accident.

Evidence  – This isneeded to prove your claim, and the more of it you have the better.

Food poisoning – This will make you feel really ill, and is totally avoidable if people just took more care when preparing food.

Guilty party – The person responsible for the accident and injuries, the person the claim is made against.

Helpful advisors – They will make the claim so much easier for you, answering your questions and providing whatever information you want.

Injury compensation claim adviceComes totally free of charge from any good helpline.

Jargon that most lawyers speak – A language all of their own, which the advisors will translate if need be.

Keeping safe – The best way to avoid an accident, but when it was not your fault, does not always help.

Lawyers – The experts whose help you will need when making your claim.

Medical negligence – Caused by any medical professional who gets it wrong.

No win no fee agreements – The best way to finance your claim.

Office accidents – Trailing wires from computers and printers etc. can be a real danger in an office.

Professional – What you would expect anyone working at one of the leading personal injury law firms to be.

Quick and efficient service – Exactly what you would expect.

Road traffic accidents – One of the most common accidents in the UK, currently kills an average of 5 victims a day.

Slips, trips and falls – The most common of all accidents, the injuries sustained can be a lot worse than you would think – what if the fall was from height, the victim might be lucky to survive.

Twenty-four hour helpline – Very useful for all claimants.

Uninsured – Road traffic accidents where the guilty party is uninsured are referred to the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Vibration white finger – An industrial condition caused by the long-term use of vibrating tools.

Work related accident – Any accident that occurs in the work place.

Xray that you might need to confirm injury – These are of particular use for broken bones.

Your injury claim – What this is all about; you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and want further information.

Zoo accident – They happen on a regular basis, not always involving the animals.  Could be a slip or car accident in the car park, maybe even food poisoning in the cafe.

Hopefully these snippets of information may be of some use to you when you are considering making your personal injury compensation claim.