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Adhere to HR payroll guidelines to avoid equality law contravention

Multiple business owners and their HR payroll representatives across the country continue to quibble over the fine line they are obliged to draw between adherence to equality legislation and political correctness gone mad. Yet, whatever personal and professional opinions on the matter might be, businesses that fail to understand employment law relating to equality discrimination can open up litigious floodgates from the point of their recruitment drives, before they have even offered employment to job seekers. A case in March 2012, involving a London maintenance business,, highlighted just how careful contemporary businesses need to be when drafting job advertisements, and throughout the entire recruitment process. distributed details of their Handyman Apprentice Boot Camp to local Jobcentre Plus offices as it began its search for a young protégé. To its incredulity and surprise, Wandsworth Jobcentre requested for the literature to be amended to state Handyperson in place of Handyman, in order to ensure that the ad was fully inclusive.’s Managing Director, Will Davies, countered that his business encouraged applications from both male and female candidates, but that the term Handyman should remain, being part of common vernacular.

This particular case did not ruffle any further feathers. Yet many other cases lead to legal action being taken against businesses undergoing recruitment drives if applicants feel that they are discriminated against on grounds of age, gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Aware of the risks, an increasing amount of businesses err on the side of caution by seeking expert HR payroll guidance that helps them adhere to evolving employment legislation.

We, at NorthgateArinso, provide effective, professional and trustworthy HR and payroll services to businesses, regardless of their sizes or their sectors. Our end to end solutions ensure that businesses do not contravene employment law during the recruitment process, and throughout the entire duration of employment of staff members.

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