A better way to provide health and safety support

Training isn’t the be all and end all of health and safety. It isn’t quite that simple. Skills, information and rules are quickly forgotten over time. It’s months down the line after induction training that the problems start. Health and safety is an ongoing challenge. People need reminders and access to health and safety support along the way. Otherwise standards will slip, rules will get broken and accidents will happen. Accidents that can ruin lives and land companies in trouble with the HSE. The penalties for non compliance are severe indeed. And quite rightly so.

It can be tough to provide employees with health and safety advice on demand. Not every company has the luxury of a well resourced safety department with staff on hand to help and advise. However, this doesn’t have to be an issue. Increasingly firms are turning to external consultants to provide the health and safety support they need on a contract basis.

It’s a flexible and efficient arrangement too. It means staff can access safety information when they need it without companies having to employee full time staff and maintain this function internally. Staff can access the very best safety consultants and get the advice they need without any issue or delay. This kind of outsourced model leaves companies free to concentrate on what they do best. Delivering a great product or service and keeping their customers happy. Safe in the knowledge they are protecting their staff and complying with the law.

Every department will need health and safety advice from to time. No matter what of environment people work in there will safety issues and concerns to deal with. Even in seemingly benign environments like offices for example. Perhaps it’s time to review current arrangements and consider this type of arrangement instead. It could improve safety and save money.

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