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2012 is the Year of the Pop Up Shop

Pop up shops have never been easier to set up. Whilst they have been around for many years now, in the current financial climate, there has never been so much available retail space that can be found at such low rates for short term leases. This means that in 2012, companies are going to be able to capitalise on the wide availability and launch new products, showcase services or simply improve brand awareness in a very focussed and cost effective way.

However, there is another reason why pop up shops are going to be more worthwhile than ever in 2012: the Olympic Games. Any business who doesn’t take advantage on the extra tourism and the almost Bohemian spirit that such an event will bring is likely to suffer, whilst those who make the most of the seven week festival are likely to positively thrive.

Yet, despite the Games still being a few months away, the time to look at the best approach is very much now. Formulating an approach in advance will ensure that you have the best ideas for any pop up shops and the most focussed marketing strategy for the period far in advance of the Games arriving. No matter what industry you work in, it is likely that pop up shops can give you the showcase you need at a time when more people than ever are going to be receptive to new services and new products.

An event such as the Olympics makes even those from Britain feel as though they are in a new place, able to experience new things. Therefore, the more interesting and unique you can make your pop up shops, the more responsive people will be and the more they will embrace that holiday spirit and in turn embrace your products or your entire company.

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