Work human resources well to improve staff retention

Whilst regularly the norm in workplaces of yesteryear, it is now rarely the case that staff members work for a company for life, from leaving education to collecting their gold watch or its equivalent. Most business owners and management teams, of companies of all sizes, operating in all sectors, do not realistically expect their staff to remain with them forever and a day. Dealing with staff attrition is part and parcel of running a business, or being involved in the human resources of a business. People come, do the jobs for which they are remunerated, and eventually move on, making way for new blood to take up the reins. That’s life. Yet it is a costly and highly disruptive life for businesses for which a reasonable level of staff retention is an issue.

If businesses experience an unexpected raft of resignations within rapid succession, it is important for them to pinpoint the causes. Are staff members being tempted away by competitor businesses offering packages that are more attractive? Have any major shifts in company culture and modus operandi caused mass disgruntlement amongst the rank and file? Have increased responsibilities and workloads dictated by belt tightening measures become untenable for even the most loyal of employees?

Having a regular appraisal system in place is key to the human resources side of any business. It provides both employers and employees with a two-way communication channel to discuss performance, company business, problems, strengths and weaknesses, training needs, and career progression. Many businesses are also adopting exit interviews as part of their human resources strategies, utilising the feedback of outgoing team members who are usually willing to speak openly and honestly after their resignations have been accepted.

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