Why Get Involved with SAP Systems?

There are many different kinds of SAP roles out there and there is a lot of demand for people with experience of installing, adapting and maintaining these systems. This is not surprising when you realise that SAP systems can streamline all kinds of complex processes. Practically any process that a company does on a regular basis can be sped up and made more efficient by this specialist software.

However, to get the most out of these systems requires high end IT skills. These are required to tailor out of the box SAP solutions to meet the needs of each individual organisation. Every company is slightly different so a package that is perfect for one firm may not be fit for purpose for another firm. If you possess the relevant skills to run SAP systems you will never find yourself without work. At project management level, you can easily command between £600 and £800 per day for your services. Many companies offer benefits such as company cars, and private health care on top of this very generous salary.

Finding SAP jobs

It takes a while to reach this level. Typically, firms want their SAP managers to have 5 to 10 years experience of working with these systems. Some firms want a specific focus, for example knowledge of how financial services or the health service works. Others want people with experience of using SAP in a supply chain or in as customer relationship management tool. For this reason it is wise to choose a specific area and work in that sector exclusively to gain the experience you need to secure a management role.

Regardless of what level you want to work at, the internet is where you will find the vast majority of SAP jobs advertised. It is mostly big firms who use these systems, and they mainly advertise their roles on the job boards of IT recruitment agencies. On their job boards, you will find all kinds of SAP jobs, from starting positions that will allow you to gain experience, to project management roles. The best agencies allow you to register for e-mail alerts. Registering for these will ensure that you do not miss an opportunity.

There are always plenty of SAP jobs on the CWJobs website, so if you want a SAP role bookmark their webpage and sign up for their e-mail alerts.