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Why a Virtual Office Makes Sense

Increasingly, businesses are waking up to the advantages of a virtual office. Word is spreading about just what a good idea this kind of office facility is for businesses of all sizes and all kinds.

How a Virtual Office Works?

A virtual office is more or less, what it sounds like. An office functions as such, but is not quite, what it seems to be. It is a simulation of a regular office. The creators of these offices have looked at the facilities firms need and stripped them down to the minimum to make them affordable.

The way it works is that you get an address to which your mail can be sent. That mail is opened, and either sent on via the mail to another address or scanned and e-mailed to you or faxed to the location you are working out of. Customers have an address they can reach you at that they know is not in a residential area and your mail is always dealt with.

If you want you also get a phone number, which when potential customers call it is answered professionally using your company’s name. The person at the other end of the phone will not help your customer directly with their problem; rather they will take a message or direct them to someone who can help. The important thing is that your customer can contact your company at any time of the day. Some virtual office services even offer this service during the night.

For most firms these basic services are all they need to give them a professional look and feel and ensure customers feel confident about using them. However, some businesses need a few more services.

Do You Need a More Sophisticated Virtual Office?

Occasionally, firms want to meet with clients in that case a virtual office that allows them to occasionally hire out a meeting room or offices is what they need. This gives them a sophisticated place to meet clients, or if they want to go and work occasionally. You get all the benefits of an office without all the massive overheads involved.


The Cluster offers a great virtual office service that can be tailored to meet your exact needs.