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Who Are Monitored Alarm Systems For?

Monitored alarm systems have been around for several decades now and their use is growing more popular each year. These alarm systems have their roots in the video monitoring systems many in-house security teams use in large business premises. Monitored alarm systems can have video cameras installed as part of the system. When the alarm sounds the security companies control centre can view what is happening on site and take the appropriate action.

However, not all remotely monitored alarm systems use video surveillance as part of their system. Some simply act as an intermediary, so if the alarm is tripped the control centre is notified and they take the action their customer has previously asked them to do. This could be contacting them so they can visit their own premises or some other course of action.

The fact that these alarm systems can be tailored to meet a client’s specific needs means that they are suitable for a wide array of different premises. They can, and are, used by homeowners as well as by businesses.

Monitored Alarm Systems for Machinery

For businesses, the theft of machinery is a growing problem. As a result, businesses are looking for ways to prevent this from happening to them. The best security companies offer solutions to help to prevent theft. Systems can be fitted to machinery to detect when power is cut to a piece of machinery or to detect unusual levels of vibration. When these alarms are triggered, it enables someone to be sent quickly to the relevant machine to prevent the theft.

These kinds of alarm systems can also be used to pick up early signs of problems with machinery. This can include detecting changes in temperature and other early signs of trouble. They can be fitted to freezers and freezer rooms to detect when the temperature rises. These kinds of monitored alarm systems are designed to stop large amounts of stock being lost when a freezer begins to fail. They can also be used to detect fire at an early stage. Monitoring expensive equipment in this way makes sense on many levels.

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