What Is Meant By Secure Printing?

Secure printing is a service that a surprising number of firms still need. Even in the modern digital age, firms need to use printed materials.

Secure printing is exactly what it sounds like. It is a way of producing documents that cannot easily be forged or copied.

Why Firms Need to Use Secure Printing

On occasion, firms have to produce these kinds of documents to meet customer demand. A good example of this is cheques. Recently the banking sector in the UK announced that they would be phasing out cheques. The response from consumers was swift and loud, they did not want this. Consequently, the banking sector backed away from this decision, at least in the short term. Therefore, they will continue to need to use secure printing to produce their chequebooks.

Sometimes firms need to have documents printed securely for legal or security reasons. In some cases digital copies of documents are not acceptable. If you are handing out vouchers or tickets you would not want them to be easy to copy. For your own security you want them to include security features that make producing copies of them difficult. Bonds and other financial documents are usually printed using secure methods.

Many firms prefer things like contracts to be printed on watermarked or embossed paper. They keep digital copies, but in the case of a dispute produce the original for verification.

Types of Secure Printing

If you want, you can do your own printing on paper that has security features embedded into it. This approach however is not always ideal. It requires a secure process to be in place to avoid security-marked paper being taken a few pages at a time and finding its way into the hands of forgers. Most firms do not have adequate on-site security to allow them to keep proper control of their secure paper supplies.

For this reason, a lot of firms outsource their secure printing. They employ a third party to design the secure paper and use it to print their secure documents. This service is particularly popular with financial institutions such as banks and building societies.


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