What a great Father’s Day Idea

Are you stuck for a gift for Father’s Day this year? Perhaps you don’t want to buy flowers, chocolates, scented gifts or the hundred and one other run of the mill gifts. Then you would do well to consider a photography course as a gift. After all Dads whether they are new to the role with a baby or toddler or if they are the proud parent of a teenager, they all want to take the best possible photograph of their offspring. As a keen amateur I just wish this had been on offer ten or so years ago, I would have found it invaluable.


You might consider a course which is specifically designed to improve family portraits, something along the lines of Children and Family Photography Made Simple. This would give you the skills to get the right photo at the right time. There are formal and informal photographs and how great it would be to know what tricks of the trade to employ for the correct style of snap. No more child in the centre of the screen gazing at the camera. Imagine properly posed portraits, which all importantly do not look posed or staged!


Perhaps you may want something even more basic, where you can get your camera off the auto setting. People marvel at the number of functions that a modern camera can carry out automatically. In truth, however this tends to restrict creativity and makes one point and shoot ad infinitum, thus ensuring that all our photos look more or less the same. Then a course on DSLR photography would be right up your street (Digital Single Lens Reflex for the uninitiated). This type of course will deal with landscapes and portraiture and introduce techniques and understanding of how your camera functions. The beauty of such a course is that you do not even need to own a fancy camera you can borrow one for the duration of most courses and then you can make an informed choice when you do purchase one. Sounds like a win-win situation.


So no need to be stuck for Father’s Day, but if you already have the choccies bought then consider this as a birthday gift. You won’t regret it and neither will your Dad!

Photography Made Simple has many courses to suit every skill level and if you’re not sure what your Dad will like then you can even get a gift voucher.