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Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is an important product for people who work in the car trade. No matter how careful you are accidents do happen, and it is important to be properly covered in this event.It means that the long-term negative impact of an accident is kept to an absolute minimum.

Increasingly, in the UK, people are setting themselves up in business. In many cases, they are keeping their day jobs and dipping their toes into all kinds of industries. This includes the motor trade. More and more people are becoming valets and car traders.

Many mechanics also work on the weekends on cars for their own private clients. All of these people need to buy part time car trade insurance. This ensures that they stay within the law as well as providing protection for them and their customers should something go wrong. Buying a part time policy is ideal; it is far cheaper than buying a full time policy.

What Motor Trade Insurance Covers

Exactly what is covered by your motor trade insurance policy varies. For this reason, it is very important to do your research and shop around for the right policy for you and your business.

If there is any chance that you will be driving clients cars you need to be insured to do so. It is easy to have an accident even just moving a car around the yard or garage can be a risk. If there is any chance that customer’s vehicles will be kept at your business premises, you will also need cover for accidental damage. Without this cover, you could end up being liable for any repair costs should there be a fire or flood at your premises.

Qualifying for Motor Trade Insurance

If you want to buy motor trade insurance, you will have to prove conclusively that you are actually a trader. If you are a mechanic, you will need to provide receipts for parts, oil, etc and may be asked for copies of invoices on headed paper. Valets will need receipts for products like shampoo, and, in some cases, invoices. Car dealers will also have to prove that they have purchased and sold several cars.


If you are looking for motor trade insurance visit the Lion Heart Insurance website. We sell insurance for both part time and full time traders.