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Things to consider when Choosing Cat Food

Left to their own devices and cats will hunt for food. They can survive adequately in this way, as they have evolved to be carnivores, and to get their nutrition by eating other animals. In fact, cats are what’s known as “obligate carnivores,” which means that they have to eat meat or won’t survive, or at least the proteins that are found in meat.

For domestic cats, or cats that have failed to develop a strong enough hunting instinct, it isn’t viable for them to attempt to survive by hunting, and if you have a pet cat then the onus is on you to ensure that your cat gets the all its nutrition it needs, and specifically from the kitten food or cat food that you feed them.

For the first 10 years of their life, kitten food is the milk from their mother. This is the most nutritious food for a baby cat however as a cat grows it ceases to be enough to provide sustenance. A mother cat will have taught their young the rudiments of hunting, however this is not likely to be highly developed when we are talking about domestic cats.

Instead it will then be down to you to feed your cat an appropriate kitten food. Look online, and you can get food that is designed specifically for kittens, and formulated to afford the nutrients that are needed for healthy development.

Also, you can get cat food that is formulated to help certain health conditions. For instance, if your cat has intestinal problems or if they have problems with hairballs, you can get cat food to help curb these problems.

Finally, in order to ensure that your cat food is good for your cat, ensure that it carries a high amount of complete protein.

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