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The Dressing Up Generation

Fancy dress is more popular than it’s ever been, and not just for younger party-goers, people of all ages are embracing the fun, and donning fantasy outfits. But why is this happening, and what is driving the dressing up revolution?

There are undoubtedly several factors. For one, we have collectively experienced some very iconic decades. People who are over 20 are likely to have some connection with the 80s, and lots of memories of the 90s. This gives them a cultural touchstone, as well as lots of great ideas for fancy dress outfits.

For example, why not take as your inspiration a musical icon, like Michael Jackson or Madonna? These kinds of artists are unique, because they are largely defined by the clothes that they wear, just as much as the records they produce, and so they are rich pickings for anyone looking for fancy dress costumes.

Psychologists would probably argue, (if there were any around!) that the urge to dress up is something we all possess. Clearly it is an important part of growing up and helps to develop the imagination. These days, we are more in touch with childhood experiences than ever, and so this is perhaps one of the reasons why we are so keen to dress up.

On a more practical level, it has never been easier to find fancy dress costumes, and if you look online you’ll find lots of choice. This also means that prices are lower, and so you don’t have to visit one of those very expensive high street stores, you know the ones we’re talking about.

Generally speaking, people tend to party more these days, and are looking for exciting ways to have fun. For lots of people, this means dressing up in fancy dress costumes.

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