The Best way to Advertise Sales Manager Jobs

If you are looking for a good sales manager there are several approaches you can take to find one. Each approach has its merits, so here we will look at a few of them.

Advertise in the Press

The first approach is to advertise your positions in the press. This is the traditional way of finding sales personnel, and it is still possible to find people this way.

However, there are some drawbacks to this approach. Firstly, advertising in the press is still quite expensive. There are cheaper and more efficient places to post job adverts. In addition, the fact that you have to wait for the paper or magazine to be published potentially adds time to the recruitment process.

If you use trade magazines, your adverts will be seen by a pool of potential people who are already working in your sector. This means that more of the applications you receive will be from people who are qualified to do the job. If you advertise in newspapers, the chances are more of the applications you receive will be from people who only have general sales experience.

Another approach that can work, is advertising your jobs in student publications. If you know of a college that runs courses directly related to your industry you can advertise jobs in those colleges. However, bear in mind that the people you recruit this way are not likely to have a lot of actual sales experience, but the fact they have some idea about what you sell will be of benefit.

Advertise On-line

By far the most efficient way to advertise sales manager roles is to go online. If you want you can advertise jobs on sites like Craigslist, but again there is a danger that many of the people who apply will not necessarily have the right kind of experience.

A far better approach is to go to an online recruitment website that specialises in sales jobs. The people who visit these sites are far more likely to have already worked as a sales person. This means that they are far more likely to be the type of person you need as a sales manager.

It is also a fast way to recruit. You can post your job in minutes and receive relevant applications from people who are interested in your sales manager role, within just a few hours.

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