Recruiting Hospitality Staff

Even in the current economic environment, finding the right people for a job can be tricky. There are plenty of applicants, but not all of them are right for the role.

If you are advertising a job, it is important to put together an advert that will attract the right kind of people. This means that you should state the hours that will need to be worked. If these vary say so, give a range, e.g. “flexible hours of between 5 and 20 hours a week, mostly at weekends and late evening”. That way you are telling candidates what to expect and avoiding people who are looking for a nine to five job.

You can use agency staff, but you have to bear in mind that on occasion the people that turn up will be a disappointment. There is no way you can change these staff an hour before the event, so you will be stuck with them. This means that for hospitality roles, it is far better to take the time to interview people yourself.

A Focused Search Saves You Time

Because most people do not understand the rigours of hospitality work, they have a tendency to apply for any hosting, waiting or other kind of hospitality job they see. They rarely give much thought to the often long hours. Often they do not think about the demands of dealing with the public, being on their feet for long hours and the need to work at a fast pace. This means you will frequently get flooded with candidates who turn out not to be right for the job. They start out fine, but often end up quitting after just a few weeks.

For this reason, it is especially important to focus your search. You need to advertise somewhere people who are experienced at working in the hospitality industry go when they want a job. These days, this is mainly the recruitment websites that specialises in catering and hospitality jobs. If you advertise here most of the applicants will be suitable for the hospitality roles you are trying to fill.

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