The Benefits of Choosing a Used BMW

It is often said that people are a very loyal bunch; in fact, once we’ve found a favourite food, brand or technique we tend to return to it time and time again. Used BMWs are one such example, where once you’ve pledged your allegiance to BMW, nothing else seems as good.

The History

Established back to the time of the First World War, when its original remit was to manufacture aircraft engines, BMW only began to make motorcycles when the company was prevented by post-war treaties from creating aircraft parts. The treaties of course covered the whole of Germany and many manufacturers either had to cease trading altogether or find alternatives to their existing remit.

In the 1920s, the company finally began manufacturing cars as well as motorbikes and has been doing so ever since.

In its 90 year history, the BMW brand has become synonymous with style, class and authenticity, and with more and more people choosing BMW as their go to brand for used cars, investigating the reasons why gives you all the more reason to choose a used BMW Aberdeen.

The Look

For most people, first impressions count for a great deal, and BMW certainly helps in that area. From the sleek exterior to the inviting and luxurious interior, BMW positively screams “look, admire and come on in”. Even classic BMWs still have the same inviting appeal.

The Performance

Of course, beyond looks, the majority of drivers want to know how their used car will perform for them in the real world, and BMW never fails to disappoint. From country lanes to motorways, the reputation of BMW as an all-purpose vehicle has stood the test of time.


Having improved on the safety of its own vehicles over the course of their lifespan, and also being responsible for many safety features that are now standard on other vehicles, BMW is now rated as one of the top cars in Europe.

With all of this in mind, it’s little wonder that the reputation and continued support for BMW continues to place the manufacturer at the top of its class.



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