Benefits of Buying a Used Car

When the time comes to replace their old or broken down car, more and more commercial and domestic drivers are choosing to buy a used car as opposed to brand new options, and there are a number of reasons for this;


Of course, it goes without saying that a used car is likely to be less expensive than buying brand new. However, assuming that the vehicle in question is a standard model with no modifications, it can also be assumed that the insurance and running costs of the used car are likely to be lower than they might if the car was brand new. Research of projected insurance costs prior to car shopping could also help potential owners avoid any nasty surprises when they contact the insurance company with the details of their new four wheeled friend.


We’re all too aware of the depreciation of new cars. It has been estimated that some cars can lose up to 40% of their total value in the first year of ownership and for an owner who has poured their savings into buying a brand new car, this can be soul destroying. There’s no way to cease this depreciation, however because used cars have already lost that value, the rate of depreciation is much less and therefore much more easy to swallow.

Furthermore, owners of used vehicles are less likely to concern themselves with “mental depreciation”, because the car has already had a dent, a chip or a bald tyre (by the previous owner), the used car owner is more likely to be calmer when driving rather than worrying about every move they make.


There are many vehicles, classic and otherwise, which are no longer manufactured, and it is often the case that the production ceased simply because the manufacturer wanted to move in a different direction rather than a problem with the car itself. Of course, an owner looking exclusively for a new car will have no option but to avoid these potentially great cars but the savvy shopper who opts to look at the second hand cars for sale Aberdeen has to offer has the full choice of the great cars of yesteryear!