Many people are uncertain about car servicing Glasgow. Some drivers assume that an MOT will suffice in place of a full car service and that if an MOT has recently taken place, then a service is not needed. This is not the case however, and no matter how recently a car underwent an MOT, if a service is due to be booked, then it needs to take place. A full car service needs to be booked as soon as a car has been on the road for twelve months – or sooner, if 12,000 miles elapse before this point. Furthermore, if you’re a high mileage or city driver, it’s advised that you book your car in for interim servicing. This takes place six months after every full service or purchase of a new car. If the 6,000 mile mark is hit before 6,000 miles elapse, servicing should again be brought forward.

Staying roadworthy

By not having your car serviced when it needs to be, you could not only be compromising the roadworthiness of your car but may be unwittingly permitting faults to go unnoticed and therefore allowing them to worsen, costing you more in the long run. During servicing, faults can be identified quickly, allowing you to subsequently act upon them and maintain the condition and roadworthiness of your vehicle. Servicing may not be a legal obligation but roadworthiness – and the only sure-fire way to ensure that your car stays roadworthy is to commit to a regular service schedule.

Free to choose

The servicing procedure can vary wildly from car to car but today’s independent garages have all the information required of them to perform a comprehensive service at their fingertips. Contrary to popular belief, you’re not tied to any dealership when it comes to servicing your car, and you won’t be invalidating your warranty by taking your car to a local independent garage when a service is needed. During servicing you should expect lubrication of all the working parts to take place, and will also have your oil and oil filters changed, amongst other things. Keep your cars roadworthy with regular, comprehensive car servicing Glasgow.

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