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The Benefits Of Buying Ex Motability Cars

Motability is a scheme that helps those on the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance or claiming War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement to be able to afford a new car. The Motability scheme actually accounts for a sizeable percentage of all new cars purchased and because the owner only retains the car for a number of years, it means that there are also a large number of ex motability cars that can be purchased. These offer a number of benefits to the new owner.


Cars in the motability scheme must remain well maintained and this means that they need to undergo servicing and testing according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. When you buy ex motability cars you know that they have been thoroughly serviced and checked properly since they were bought new.


Typically, ex motability cars will have low mileage and this mileage is verified too so you can be absolutely sure that you are getting a car that has been well maintained and well looked after and that comes with a low mileage. Generally speaking, cars with low mileage have a longer life left in them because they have not been used heavily during their period of ownership. You can also be confident that the mileage figures are accurate and correct which gives you peace of mind and further guarantee of quality.


Thousands of ex motability cars are put on sale and offered to car dealers. This means that there is a massive range of choice ensuring that whether you’re looking for a handy hatchback or a more spacious estate or MPV you can find the car that you’re looking for. You can find all major makes and models available to you with all the benefits of owning an ex motability vehicle.


Buying a second hand or used car can seem like a daunting task. You don’t want to have to pay over the odds and you don’t want a car that is going to cause you untold trouble once you have purchased it. Using a reputable dealer and buying ex motability cars can provide you with peace of mind as well as a great quality car for any purpose. has a large range of quality used cars including ex motability cars of many makes and models. Visit us today to see our latest stock and to find your next car.