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The Benefits Of An Enamel Splashback

There are many designs and styles of kitchen back panel or cooker splashback to choose from but one of the most important decisions you will make is which material to choose. Plastic is a cheap option and offers some protection to your walls but it will not withstand high temperatures or extreme use and it isn’t as good looking as glass. Glass is very attractive and can be coloured according to your tastes but is prone to physical damage. An enamel splashback combines the benefits of glass with the strength and durability of steel.

An enamel splashback is, effectively, a layer of steel coated in decorative and protective glass. The glass layer offers several benefits. Not only is it attractive to look at and available in a myriad of colours but it is also easy to wipe clean and the majority of grease and debris will simply need a quick wipe down.

The steel that is used in an enamel splashback means that it will withstand virtually any amount of physical damage and it will also cope under extreme temperatures. Even if the cooker catches fire, there is a very good chance that the splashback will remain unscathed following the fire. In fact, an enamel splashback can offer protection up to 700 degrees C while still being lighter than a standard glass back panel.

It is very easy to fit and to maintain. You can choose to either use strong adhesive or screws and this will help ensure that the splashback remains in place, on the kitchen wall behind the cooker. Furthermore, your new enamel splashback will only require a quick clean using a sponge or cloth and this will remove any dirt, grease, or debris that has collected on the outer glass layer.

The enamel splashback is a durable, long lasting, and good looking method of protecting your kitchen wall from the potential damage that can be caused by the cooker. It is easier to maintain and clean than plaster or wallpaper and better looking than other types of back panel. It is also resistant to very high temperatures and protects against virtually all forms of possible damage to your wall.


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