1 King’s Beach Walk is a modern firm of barristers, in chambers, who are based in London. They specialise in family law, with 52 experienced barristers their clients are guaranteed to get the help they need to fight their family law cases. Importantly, they also have the ability to take on complex cases; there are 12 Queen’s Counsel barristers within their chambers.

Experience of Both National and International Law

The barristers at 1KBW have an in-depth understanding of both international and national law. This means that they are able to help couples who married in other countries, and people who were born outside the UK. Increasingly, they are working on cases where children who were born abroad are involved in custody cases, or children born in the UK are being abducted abroad. Their expertise ensures that the parties involved in these, sometimes complex, cases always get the help they need to win their cases and resolve family issues.

Influential Barristers

Over the years, the barristers from 1KBW have pushed the boundaries. Their innovative use of case law has helped people to win difficult cases. Often, this has led to changes in the way the law works for others. Over the past two decades, this chambers has been involved in many of the groundbreaking cases that have gone through the British courts.

Their prowess has been recognised by many important legal organisations and other teams of barristers and lawyers. Chambers & Partners said of them in 2013 – “The set is noted for its strong offering in children law matters, and is labelled “a leading set” for abduction and private law children work.”

However, that does not mean that the barristers at 1 Kings Bench Walk have an exclusive and rich client list. They work hard to make sure that their service is accessible to all, and that it remains so, in the future. Their barristers work at all levels and the team is constantly being replenished by young barristers who bring new ideas and a fresh approach. Anyone who needs a specialist in family law can get help from this experienced group of barristers.

If you have a family issue that requires the expertise of a barrister to resolve visit the 1 King’s Bench Walk website. There you will find the help you need.