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Tartan Fabric

Tartan fabric is literally as old as the hills. It originated in Scotland and Scotland is still the first thing people think of when they see tartan.

At first, just like practically every other fabric you found in the North of Europe, tartan was made of wool. It was dyed using natural dyes, again just like every other kind of fabric of the time. However, at a time when everyone else was wearing plain and often un-coloured fabrics the Scots were wearing tartan. There is little doubt that a Scot in full tartan would have made a strong positive impression on anyone who came across them.

Tartan was very much a status symbol and the pattern of the tartan that you wore spoke volumes. Each of Scotland’s main families had their own tartan pattern. The pattern was always arranged in a series of squares, but the spacing of the squares varied over time, and the colours and patterns used changed.

Modern Tartan Fabric

In the past 100 years, tartan fabric has changed beyond recognition. It has grown from being a fabric you only really saw in Scotland to a fabric everyone wears at some stage of their lives. Even in developing countries, you will regularly come across tartan.

It is now used for more than just clothes. You will find it used to make linen, bags and soft furnishing. If you are feeling brave you can even buy tartan curtains.

The thread used to make tartan fabric has also changed. Now you can buy it made from synthetic threads as well as alternative natural threads such as cotton.

However, without a doubt the most popular tartan fabric is still made from wool. Despite the fact that tartan has evolved it is still a traditional fabric, which many Scots wear proudly. It is part of their heritage and most Scots prefer to buy real tartan, which means tartan that is made out of wool rather than any other fibre.

There are many places to buy tartan fabric, but the best place is definitely on the web. On-line you can buy if in any length, made from any thread and in any style or pattern of tartan.

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